CLAT 2024 Quantitative Techniques, Practice Set A (Maths) Previous Year Questions

Passage: In the organization, there are a total of 4,500 employees distributed across various departments, including IT, Marketing, Purchase, HR, Accounts, and Production. The demographic details, such as the percentage of employees in each department and the gender ratio, have been compiled.

In the IT department, 18% of the total workforce is employed, with a male-to-female ratio of 2:1. The Marketing department consists of 20% of the total employees, and the gender ratio for males to females in this department is 2:3. For the HR department, which comprises 12% of the total workforce, the male-to-female ratio is 5:1.

The Production department, with a male-to-female ratio of 3:2, accounts for 15% of the total employment. The Purchase and Accounts departments employ 24% and 11% of the workforce, respectively. In the Purchase department, the gender ratio is 1:1, while in the Accounts department, it is 1:2.

Questions: How many females are employed in the Purchase department?

(A) 450

(B) 540

(C) 495

(D) 595

Questions: How many employees are working in the IT and Accounts departments together?

(A) 1,702

(B) 1,646

(C) 1,766

(D) 1,305

Questions: What is the ratio of the total number of males to the total number of females working in all the departments put together?

(A) 63 : 41

(B) 19 : 27

(C) 41 : 34

(D) 34 : 41

Questions: The number of females in the Marketing Department forms what percentage of the total number of employees in the organization?

(A) 8%

(B) 7%

(C) 12%

(D) 10%

Questions: What is the ratio of the number of males in the Marketing Department to the number of males in the HR department?

(A) 4 : 5

(B) 5 : 4

(C) 7 : 3

(D) 6 : 7


  1. (B) 540
  2. (D) 1,305
  3. (C) 41 : 34
  4. (C) 12%
  5. (A) 4 : 5

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