How to Solve ‘Direct Questions’ in CLAT Reading Comprehension?

When you encounter direct questions in a passage, your goal is to locate specific information explicitly mentioned in the text. To effectively answer these questions, follow these two key steps:

Read the question carefully: Pay close attention to the question’s wording, especially phrases like “according to,” “in the passage,” or “mentioned.” These indicate that the answer is directly provided in the passage itself.

Find the answer in the passage: Return to the passage and locate the information needed to answer the question. Read that portion of the text attentively, identifying the exact words or sentences that address the question. The answer will be explicitly stated in the passage.

For direct questions, avoid guessing or introducing your own ideas; focus on extracting the required information directly from the text. The answer may be a specific date, name, or a combination of sentences that provide the solution.

Here’s an example to illustrate the process:

John loves animals. He has two pets, a cat named Whiskers and a dog named Max. John takes care of them every day. He feeds them, plays with them, and takes them for walks. Whiskers is a gray and white cat who loves to nap in sunny spots around the house. Max, on the other hand, is a big and playful dog who enjoys chasing balls in the park. John is always happy when he is with his pets.

Question: What are the names of John’s pets?

Answer: By reviewing the passage, we find that John has two pets, a cat named “Whiskers” and a dog named “Max.” Therefore, the answer to the question is “Whiskers and Max.”

In essence, answering direct questions involves locating specific information in the passage without the need for inference or personal interpretation. Keep practicing with additional passages and questions to enhance your proficiency in solving them.

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