Practice Set B for CLAT 2022 English Language Previous Year Questions

Practice Set B for CLAT: Once upon a time, little Saroo, just six years old, found himself on a train in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, only to wake up in Kolkata, far from home. Lost and scared, he spent weeks in despair until he ended up in an adoption center, eventually finding a new family in Australia. Twenty-five years later, a deep yearning to reconnect with his biological mother led Saroo on a remarkable journey. Armed with Google’s satellite feature, he tirelessly mapped potential hometowns until, one magical day, he reunited with his long-lost mother. From then on, they stayed in touch, proving that technology could bridge the gap between loved ones.

However, as technology unites some, it also distances others. The vast array of apps catering to toddlers, teens, and adults has undoubtedly improved lives but at a cost. The joy of leisurely nature walks and face-to-face interactions has dwindled, replaced by a virtual realm that, in turn, breeds loneliness. Simple pleasures, like visiting friends or playing in open spaces, are becoming rare as social media, virtual games, and home delivery services take precedence. The question arises: where are we headed? Are we allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by apps? Is social media drowning us in loneliness? Are we driving towards a future that requires mental and physical therapies to regain normalcy?

Loneliness, once associated mainly with the elderly, now extends its reach to children, teenagers, and adults. This surge in solitude has led to an increased demand for mental health therapy. Schools and colleges are recognizing the need for psychologists to address the emotional, social, and academic needs of students. While the situation may seem dire, it’s never too late. By embracing offline activities, reconnecting with nature, playing outdoor games, and spending more time with friends in person, we can rise above the tide of loneliness and reclaim the simple joys of life.


1. From the passage it is evident that Saroo’s desire to find his mother

(A) Ended up being a distant dream.

(B) Inspired him to use Google’s satellite feature intermittently.

(C) Waned as time went by.

(D) Did not slacken till he succeeded.

2. In the sentence ‘these very apps have snatched away the joys of long nature-walks;’ the author has

(A) Satirized nature

(B) Metaphorized apps

(C) Personified apps

(D) None of the above

3. From the passage one can conclude that

(A) It is impossible for people to reduce the usage of apps.

(B) There is a direct correlation between loneliness and excessive usage of social- media apps.

(C) The usage of technology is as essential for mental-health as food and water is for physical health.

(D) All senior citizens are lonely because they are not tech-savvy.

4. From the passage it can be inferred that presently in many educational institutions

(A) The number of teachers who pass the buck to psychologists is on the rise.

(B) Special emphasis is being laid on the mental and emotional health of the students.

(C) The usage of educational apps is being discouraged significantly.

(D) All the students feel the need to be counseled by psychologists.

5. In the concluding paragraph of the given passage, the writer’s tone can be best described as

(A) Optimistic

(B) Despairing

(C) Laudatory

(D) Apologetic


1. D

2. C

3. B

4. B

5. A

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