Practice Set E for CLAT 2022 English Language Previous Year Questions

Practice Set E for CLAT 2022: A delightful breeze seems to have swept through the corridors of the Madras High Court, thanks to Justice GR Swaminathan’s suggestion to amend the Indian Constitution, proposing that every citizen should have a duty to laugh. In a recent case where he dismissed an FIR against an individual for a light-hearted social media post, Justice Swaminathan showcased not only his refined sense of humor but also shed light on the growing absurdity surrounding the easily offended.

His judgment, seen through the lens of cartoonists and satirists, underscores the troubling trend where rational understanding is overshadowed by irrational impulses, leading to an abuse of the legal process. The petitioner, employing tongue-in-cheek wordplay in captioning family trip photos, found himself in legal trouble as the police perceived it as a threat. Justice Swaminathan’s poignant question, “Laugh at what?” resonates, emphasizing the subjective nature of sensitivities, much like the varied interpretations of the ‘holy cow’ metaphor across different regions.

The judge rightly distinguishes between being funny and maliciously poking fun at others. This ruling not only offers solace to those facing opposition for their attempts at humor but also highlights the unfortunate challenges faced by the creative process when met with combative resistance.


1. What is the central idea in the passage as conveyed by the author?

(A) People need to be sensitive towards others’ sensibilities.

(B) Humour is often used as a garb to offend others.

(C) There is an unwelcome decrease in people’s sense of humour.

(D) Judiciary should use humour to make judgments understandable to laypersons.

2. According to the given passage, which of the following statements is true?

(A) Social media often popularised insensitive and offensive posts.

(B) It should be a right of every person to poke fun at others.

(C) Creative expressions are bound to be offensive to some persons.

(D) Every humorous expression should be understood reasonably and rationally.

3. According to the given passage, which of the following statements is not true?

(A) Each expression should be understood according to its context.

(B) The word ‘shooting’ used in a sentence is indicative of waging war.

(C) Legal process can be abused if the authorities act on their irrational impulses.

(D) The expression ‘holy cow’ bears different meanings for different people.

4. As per the passage, which of the following approaches can reduce the increasing ‘idiocy and absurdity’ in responding to expressions made in jest?

(A) Apologising upon hurting another person’s sentiments.

(B) Avoiding the use of controversial words and expressions.

(C) Using humour as a means to mitigate conflict.

(D) Understanding the difference between being funny and poking fun at another person.

5. “Those who have been at the receiving end for their attempt at humour can draw strength from the ruling, but then, a creative process facing combative opposition because of its very nature is anything but funny.”

Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the above statement?

(A) Creativity and conflict go hand-in-hand.

(B) Creative freedom should not be curbed unreasonably.

(C) Creative expressions are strengthened due to challenges faced by their authors.

(D) Creativity often leads to conflict.


1. C

2. D

3. B

4. D

5. B

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