Aadya Singh: Achieving the Second Rank in CLAT

Aadya Singh, the CLAT topper who secured the second rank in the prestigious examination, generously shares her comprehensive preparation strategy. She reveals the pivotal moments, including when she initiated her studies and the daily hours she dedicated to CLAT preparation. Aadya candidly discusses the challenges she encountered along the way and highlights the crucial role played by CLAT mock test series in her journey to success. Stay tuned to glean insights from her inspiring story!

Aadya Singh: CLAT Preparation Tips

If you’re a CLAT aspirant aiming to excel in the exam, this information is incredibly valuable for your preparation.

1. Preparing for CLAT in Class 12th

Aadya Singh’s journey towards a career in law began to take shape when she was in Class 10th. Her actual CLAT exam preparation, however, commenced during her Class 12th year. Balancing the demands of board exams and rigorous law entrance preparation was undeniably challenging. Yet, with a well-thought-out strategy and unwavering dedication, she demonstrated that it is indeed possible to excel in both domains.

Aadya shares, “I initiated my CLAT preparation right from the start of Class 12th, ensuring that I allocated equal time and importance to both school exams and CLAT preparation. As the board exams approached, I shifted my focus to my school textbooks.

Recognizing the pivotal role that the CLAT exam played in her aspirations to study at a top-tier law college for her undergraduate studies, Aadya decided to channel all her efforts into law entrance exam preparation once the board exams were behind her. Although she acknowledges the difficulty of striking a balance between board exam studies and CLAT preparation materials, she firmly believes that the hard work and time she invested were immensely rewarding.

2. Number of Daily Study Hours

Aadya’s study routine was a testament to her commitment and determination. When school exams were not looming on the horizon, she devoted an impressive 7 to 8 hours daily to her studies. During her Class 12th year, her average daily study hours for CLAT preparation settled at a commendable 4 to 5 hours.

Once the board exams concluded, Aadya seized the opportunity to intensify her law entrance exam preparation. Her daily study hours skyrocketed to an astonishing 14 to 17 hours. This level of hard work and dedication ultimately proved to be the key to her success.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak led to the postponement of CLAT 2020 and a change in the exam pattern, causing considerable distress among law aspirants. Aadya, however, saw these challenges as opportunities for growth. She remained resolutely motivated and maintained a positive outlook, affirming to herself, “Now, I have more time to enhance my exam preparation.”

3. Role of Mentors

Aadya firmly advocates the importance of having a mentor in one’s life with whom individuals can openly discuss their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and more. This mentor could be anyone – a trusted friend, a dedicated teacher, or a supportive guardian – someone who lends a listening ear and provides the necessary motivation.

Having a mentor,” she emphasizes, “is indispensable for achieving success in competitive exams like CLAT.”

4. Subject-Wise Planning & Strategy

In CLAT, the core subjects encompass English, General Knowledge (including Current Affairs), Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques (Mathematics).

Aadya Singh, the CLAT topper, dedicated herself to enhancing her English skills, primarily focusing on comprehension and vocabulary. Her strategy involved daily reading of English newspapers to refine her reading speed and grasp the nuances of context. She emphasized the need to read swiftly, assimilate words and context efficiently, and absorb all the information in a single reading. To achieve these goals, she regularly perused The Hindu and Indian Express newspapers, with a particular inclination towards editorial sections and national and international news.

Aadya not only considered newspapers a valuable resource for English improvement but also for staying updated on legal knowledge and current affairs. She turned to online materials for honing her vocabulary, grammar, and language skills.

5. Creating Notes

In addition to what she learned in her law entrance coaching, Aadya Singh took her education into her own hands by conducting extensive online research. She delved into various topics by searching for them on Google, seeking a comprehensive understanding. Her approach involved consuming a diverse range of content related to each subject to gain in-depth insights. Aadya was meticulous in her study routine, creating thorough and organized notes as a valuable resource for her ongoing studies and revision.

6. Tips for Law Aspirants

Here are some crucial tips shared by CLAT 2020 topper Aadya Singh for the law aspirants who want to crack CLAT 2021-22:

  • Read newspapers daily to make your reading speed faster and learn new words
  • Improve your English to gain command over the language
  • While reading, ensure that you 
  • Study the latest current affairs till the date of the exam
  • Practice as many CLAT mock tests.

7. Role of mock tests

Mock tests play an essential role in cracking the law entrance exam. Without it, you can’t test your level of preparation. 

“When I practised a mock test for the first time, only 80 out of 200 questions were correct. I analyzed the results to find my weak areas so that I could put my efforts accordingly.”

She suggests that law aspirants must practise as many mock tests as possible. Also, don’t just give the test and forget it. You need to evaluate the results, create reports, find weaknesses, and then work on improving your score in the next test. 

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