AIBE XVII Syllabus 2023 – Detailed Subject-wise Curriculum and Question Breakdown

AIBE XVII Syllabus 2023: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has officially unveiled the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 syllabus on its official website, Aspiring candidates can access and download the AIBE 18 syllabus in PDF format directly from the official website. It is essential for candidates preparing for the law certification examination to have a thorough understanding of the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 syllabus to enhance their preparation.

About AIBE XVII Syllabus 2023

The AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 syllabus encompasses crucial subjects, including administrative law, company law, and the code of civil procedure, which form the basis for questions in the certification exam. The Bar Council of India (BCI) administers the All India Bar Examination to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in fundamental legal subjects and analytical skills. Therefore, it is imperative for candidates to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 syllabus to successfully qualify for the examination and earn a Certificate of Practice (CoP).

To gain comprehensive insights into AIBE XVIII (18) syllabus 2023, exam patterns, and other pertinent details, we recommend reading the complete article. The AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 application form became available on August 16, 2023, allowing candidates to register online and complete the application process. It’s worth noting that clearing the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 exam is a mandatory requirement for LLB graduates aspiring to practice law in India.


There are 19 topics in the AIBE (18) syllabus. All topics are drawn from common subjects of the LLB programme. Candidates can check the details in the table given below.

All India Bar Examination syllabus 2023

Sl NoTopic/SubjectNo of Questions
1Constitutional Law10
2I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)8
3Cr.P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)10
4C.P.C (Code of Civil Procedure)10
5Evidence Act8
6Alternative Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act4
7Family Law8
8Public Interest Litigation4
9Administrative Law3
10Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI rules4
11Company Law2
12Environmental Law2
13Cyber Law2
14Labour and Industrial Laws4
15Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Act and Consumer Protection Law5
16Law related to Taxation4
17Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act8
18Land Acquisition Act2
19Intellectual Property Laws2

Important Topics

Below given are some of the important topics of AIBE exam syllabus. Candidates can make short notes from AIBE 18 syllabus for their last minute revision.

Constitutional law

Constitutional law is the set of laws that defines the structure and power of the government. It also defines the fundamental rights of the citizens in the country.

I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)

It is the principal criminal code of India which covers detailed aspects of criminal law. It defines different types of crimes and provides punishments against criminality and wrong actions.

Cr. P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)

The Code of Criminal Procedure or Cr. P.C is the procedural law and it defines the procedures for the police machinery to take action against any kind of violation or criminal activities.

C.P.C (Code of Civil Procedure)

It is another procedural law in India that administers different types of civil proceedings.

Evidence act

Also known as the Indian Evidence Act, of 1872 and includes 11 chapters and 167 sections.

Alternative dispute redressal including the arbitration Act

The judicial and quasi-judicial bodies function on the basis of a given framework to solve disputes between two parties as an arbitrator. Such frameworks are defined under alternative dispute redressal including arbitration act.

Family law

It deals with the disputes that arise among the family members and relatives.

Public interest litigation

It is the power of the public given by the courts in India on the basis of judicial activism. The law safeguards public interests.

Administrative law

This law governs any kind of administrative actions and determines the powers and duties of different administrative authorities. It is also a branch of public law.

Company law

This law defines the rights, relations and duties of different businesses and their associates.

Environmental law

This law covers various acts to control pollution and safeguarding of natural flora and fauna. It also includes the laws related to the uses of natural resources, different agreements and others.

Cyber law

The law defines the crimes related to the cyberspace, internet and digital world.

Labour and industrial laws

This law defines the code of conduct between employer and employees in an industrial setting. Labour and industrial law covers different labour codes, labour reforms and also laws related to the International Labour Organization.

Law related to taxation

It comes under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Land acquisition act

It is the power of the union or government to acquire private land for different kinds of developments. Land acquisition act also defines the compensation against the acquisition of land.

Intellectual property law

The law safeguards the intellectual creation of inventions, designs, brands and artworks. It protects and establishes these things through patent, trademark and copyrights.

AIBE XVIII Exam Pattern 2023

Candidates preparing for the certification examination should know the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 exam pattern which informs about the test modalities like examination mode, number of questions asked, marking scheme and other relevant details. Candidates can check exam pattern details mentioned below.

AIBE XVII 2023 Exam Pattern

Mode of ExaminationOnline and Offline (both)
Type of ExaminationCertification based
Duration of Examination3 hours 30 minutes
Type of QuestionsObjective-type questions
Total Number of Questions100
Total Marks100
Negative MarkingNo

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