How to Prepare for ULSAT 2023

How to Prepare for ULSAT 2023: Preparing for ULSAT shares common ground with preparing for CLAT or AILET since these exams follow a similar syllabus. Before embarking on your ULSAT preparation journey, it’s essential to grasp the exam’s pattern. ULSAT, conducted by the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) University in Dehradun, serves as a competitive entrance exam for various five-year integrated law programs, including BA.LLB, BBA.LLB, B.Sc.LL.B, B.Tech.LL.B, and B.Com LLB.

The effectiveness of your preparation hinges on the time available before the exam and your familiarity with ULSAT’s sections, subjects, and syllabus. Crafting a sound preparation strategy can be challenging for many candidates. This information aims to guide you in smartly preparing for ULSAT, even if you’re just starting your preparation journey.

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of ULSAT 2023 mentions important details of question paper such as type of questions, subjects, marking scheme etc. Read below the exam pattern of the upcoming entrance exam: 

Exam ModeComputer-based test mode
Test MediumEnglish only
Sections Five sections carrying 30 questions each
Nature of QuestionsMultiple choices questions
Total Questions150 questions 
Total Marks150 marks


The question paper for ULSAT will be based on the subjects as under: 

  • Language Comprehension – The section will be based on the English language including, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, sentence correction, phrases, idioms and more. The candidates will be tested for their proficiency in the subject. 
  • Quantitative & Numerical Ability – The section will be based on elementary mathematics including, algebra, probability, percentage, arithmetic and more. Candidates should cover the syllabus of Class 10th mathematics to prepare for this section.
  • Logical Reasoning – The section will be based on reasoning topics including, series, arrangements, arguments and conclusions, patterns etc.
  • Legal Aptitude and General Knowledge – The section will cover important news and topics of legal importance such as landmark cases, the constitution of India, and important laws of torts, civil law, IPR, international law etc. The questions will be of moderate level only. 

Sectional-Weightage of ULSAT 2023

Given below is the weightage of each section under ULSAT: 

SectionsNumber of QuestionsMarks Per QuestionMarks Allocated to Each Section
Language Comprehension30 questions 1 Mark30 marks 
Logical Reasoning30 questions1 Mark30 marks 
Quantitative & Numerical Ability30 questions 1 Mark30 marks 
Legal Aptitude 30 questions1 Mark30 marks 
Legal General Knowledge30 questions 1 Mark30 marks 
Total 150 questions 150 marks 

ULSAT 2023 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme of ULSAT 2023 is discussed below.

  • The exam has no negative marking.
  • One mark is awarded to candidates for each correct response.
  • There is no negative marking in case of the wrong attempts.
  • No marks are awarded or deducted for questions not attempted.
  • The final score is the compilation of all the correct answers only.
  • Also, no negative marking shall be applicable for unanswered questions.

General Strategy for ULSAT 2023 Preparation

Here are some general preparation tips tailored to help you excel in ULSAT 2023. These tips are thoughtfully designed with consideration for the exam syllabus, which encompasses Language Comprehension, Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Legal General Knowledge, and Legal Aptitude.

1. Create a Preparation Plan:

A study plan is an effective way to help you navigate through your preparation based on which you can presuppose the positive outcomes. Before you make your strategy, analyse your study habits and learning styles and then evaluate your schedule and manage your time accordingly. Calculate how much time you need to complete your preparation along with revising. Lastly, allocate a specific amount of time to each topic or sub-topic. More importantly, these goals should be realistic that you can commit to.

2. Refer to the Best Study Material:

While it might seem tempting to hop from one book to another in preparation for a law entrance exam, this approach is, in fact, counterproductive. It is advisable to instead select the top-quality books or study materials for ULSAT and remain committed to them.

3. Practice a Lot of Online Mock Tests:

One might ask why? One of the major reasons why ULSAT candidates must take online mock tests is to get an idea of the real exam environment and the exam pattern. Online mock tests will further help aspirants to manage time well on the day of the exam.

4. Previous Year Question Papers:

Previous year question papers shall help you assess your level of preparation and the weaknesses that you can focus more on.

Preparation Tips for ULSAT 2023

How to Prepare for ULSAT Language Comprehension

  • The section will test the reading and language skills of the candidate along with their vocabulary and grammar.
  • Participate in a lot of English online quizzes.
  • Make a habit of reading every day. The best reading material for the ULSAT Language section is a newspaper.
  • Learn at least three new words every day.
  • Learn the skill of drawing inferences from comprehensions. This will help you answer your questions more accurately and quickly. 

How to Prepare for ULSAT Numerical Ability

  • For this section, practice is key. Your preparation must include practising as many sample papers as possible.
  • Do not spend more than 10-15 minutes on one question.
  • Take online mock tests to get a hang of Numerical Ability questions. 

How to Prepare for ULSAT Logical Reasoning

  • Use only one good book for this section because studying multiple books will get confused between different concepts and problems.
  • Clear your basics to comprehend a logical reasoning question easily.
  • Learn all the strategies and always go by the options given in the question.
  • Never assume anything that is not mentioned in the question. 
  • Try and learn how to be an active reader.
  • Limit your materials and read only one legal magazine to keep yourself updated on the current legal affairs across the country and the globe. 
  • Prepare notes of the topics that have gained the most attention in the last few months.
  • Make good use of the internet and learn about the legal Legal Terms, Public Policies, Legal Matters, General Affairs of Law and Recent Law Cases in India. 
  • How to Prepare for ULSAT Legal Aptitude
  • Start with the basics and get acquainted with the most basic legal concepts like the Constitution.
  • Stay updated about the legal affairs. 
  • Practice previous year question papers to understand the type of questions that are usually asked in this section. 
  • Make short notes for thorough revision before and on the exam day.

Last-Minute Tips and Strategies for ULSAT 2023

Check out the following 2023 last-minute ULSAT 2023 preparation tips and tricks to ace the exam easily:

  • Almost all the exam experts, as well as toppers, suggest that one should make their study plan in such a way that revolves around three aspects i.e learn, revise and practice.
  • For ULSAT, candidates must study difficult topics thoroughly and wisely for effective exam preparation.
  • In order to simplify the learning process, candidates must break the lengthy chapters into topics and sub-topics and prepare short and crisp own notes.
  • Candidates must stick to the topics that they have prepared and must keep on revising the important definitions, and important chapters of law and brush them up on a daily and weekly basis. 
  • Candidates must set daily, weekly and monthly targets for themselves and try to accomplish them in a fixed time.
  • Now that the exam is approaching, candidates must ensure to use all the important short tricks and techniques that they have learned or acquired during the preparation journey.
  • Since there is no negative marking in ULSAT 2023, therefore, candidates should not rush in and attempt the questions they are not sure of.
  • All the candidates appearing for ULSAT 2023 should remain calm and confident to face the entrance examination. 
  • In order to avoid a last-minute rush, candidates should keep all the mandatory things such as their admit card/hall ticket and stationary in one place.
  • Candidates should also keep their entrance exam pressure at bay, and should believe in hard work.

Having absorbed the tips and tricks mentioned above, equipped with the knowledge of what, when, and how to crack the upcoming ULSAT 2023 on your first attempt, it’s now crucial to maintain unwavering focus. Continuously assess your progress in the entrance examination and build a solid foundation of concepts and fundamentals. These efforts will undoubtedly yield fruitful results in the years to come.

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