Logical Reasoning Set 6: Previous Year Question

On the day of writing this, India had reported 116 deaths from COVID-19. In contrast, the US, with around one-fourth the population of India, reported 1,897 deaths, or 16 times the daily deaths as India. The UK, which has one-twentieth the population of India, reported 592 deaths, or 5 times the daily deaths as India. On other metrics too-new cases, active cases-the Indian curve has flattened. If and when the UK and the US achieve what we have, there will be major celebrations. Such low death rates would be seen as a victory of the government, citizens and science over the dreaded coronavirus. However, because we are India, we don’t get as much credit.

We are considered poor, third-world and untrustworthy, incapable of achieving something like this on our own. Instead of learning from India’s experience, the first instinct is to doubt Indian data. We aren’t counting the cases right, we aren’t doing enough tests, we don’t classify the deaths properly-the list of doubts goes on and on. This, even as the tests have only increased, positivity rate has dropped and almost all Indian hospitals are seeing a drop in COVID-19 admissions and fatalities.

To think that the Deep Indian State is capable of fudging data at the level of every district and every state, and sustaining this façade for months is giving it way too much credit. Conspiracies require enormous co-ordination and effort and it isn’t quite how things work in India. Given that you can check corona data at every ward level, it is also impossible to fudge data, not to mention create a downwards curve that is moving in the same direction in virtually every corner of India. In terms of testing, while a case might be made for a lot of Indians not getting tested, it is also true that random testing has increased in the last few months.

Domestic flyers into Maharashtra from many states for instance, have to get a COVID-19 test done irrespective of symptoms. If there was rampant corona, we would see a spike in cases from just these flyers. It may be hard for people to accept this reality but almost all evidence points to the fact India has flattened the corona curve, while the US, UK and most of Europe still haven’t. What is even more remarkable about India’s achievement is that it has managed to do this without draconian lockdowns (apart from the two months in April-May 2020). In fact, cases have dropped even as India opened up more.

Question for Logical Reasoning Set 6

What examples can be highlighted to showcase how well India has handled the COVID-19 pandemic compared to many developed countries, according to the author’s perspective?

(A) The rate of positive COVID-19 cases in India has decreased, and there’s also a reduction in the number of people being admitted to Indian hospitals due to the virus.

(B) The count of COVID-19 cases in India is not accurate or reliable, suggesting potential issues with the way cases are being reported or recorded.

(C) There is a shortage or inadequacy in the testing facilities for COVID-19 in India, possibly leading to underreporting or delays in identifying cases.

(D) The way COVID-19 cases are categorized in India is not entirely precise, indicating potential errors or confusion in how cases are being classified.


How might the author’s claim that India has handled the COVID-19 pandemic better than many advanced nations be undermined or challenged?

(A) India lacks the co-ordination and effort to execute conspiracies.

(B) Many Indians are possibly not getting tested.

(C) Evidence points to the fact India has flattened the corona curve.

(D) India has not imposed draconian lockdowns.


Do you really believe that the Indian government, down to every district and state, could manipulate data consistently for months? That seems like giving them way too much credit, don’t you think?

(A) In certain situations, there are groups exercising power without proper authorization, working independently of the political leadership in India, and advancing their own agenda and objectives.

(B) Some networks possess legitimate power but operate independently of the political leadership in India, pursuing their own agenda and goals with approval.

(C) It’s possible that there are unauthorized power networks operating independently of the Indian political leadership, pursuing their own agenda and goals. However, the extent of their influence is questionable.

(D) There is a potential existence of unauthorized power networks acting independently of the Indian political leadership, pursuing their own agenda and goals. Their influence, if present, is deeply rooted and widespread.


According to the given passage, which of the following statements is not true?

(A) Developed nations are reluctant to learn from India’s experience as Indian data is doubtful.

(B) India does not get as much credit for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

(C) India is seen as a poor, third-world country. 

(D) India is seen as untrustworthy and incapable of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic independently.


According to the given passage, which of the following statements is true?

(B) COVID-19 cases in India have increased with reduction in restrictions.

(C) COVID-19 cases in India have reduced with increase in restrictions.

(D) COVID-19 cases in India have reduced despite the reduction in restrictions.


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