Set 1 for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Section Past Year Questions

Set 1 for CLAT 2022: Deciding to go to college is a big deal for students, and there are loads of reasons behind that choice. Some are looking for better job opportunities and financial stability, while others are excited about the chance to grow intellectually. College is also a time for self-discovery, figuring out who you really are. Then there are societal pressures and the ever-changing landscape of technology that push more and more students towards higher education. But once they get there, it’s a whole new ball game.

College life brings a bunch of challenges – suddenly, there’s more homework, less time with family, and a whole bunch of new people to deal with, from roommates to romantic interests. Plus, there’s that constant financial stress. The pressure to perform academically and the uncertainty about what comes after graduation add to the stress pile. The transition to college is like stepping into a world of change and adjustment in every aspect of life.

Questions for CLAT Logical Reasoning

What according to you is the objective of the study of the present paragraph?

(A) To map the various stages of pressure points of adulthood in the process of education.

(B) To narrate the anti-family agenda in the current education system.

(C) To pinpoint the obstacles targeted against meritorious students.

(D) All of the above

Which factors as per the author cause more stress amongst college students?

(A) Pressure from parents and society towards greater educational needs and increased competitive academic work.

(B) Failure to develop successful romantic interests, financial constraints and interpersonal issues with room-mates.

(C) Failure to adapt to the transition to college life and to adjust various life domains in tune with needs and requirements of college life.

(D) Inability to manage time constraints and the uncertainty pertaining to their future.

Which of the following fall closest to the underlying assumption in the present study?

(A) College students who struggle with problem-solving tend to experience higher levels of depression and anxiety.

(B) When faced with stress, students often turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms as a way to alleviate the pressure they feel.

(C) Many students find solace in romantic relationships as a means of combating stress while navigating the challenges of college life.

(D) Stress is a personal experience, varying from one student to another, highlighting the subjective nature of how individuals perceive and handle stress.

Suggest a suitable title for the paragraph from amongst the given titles:

(A) Triumph and Turbulence of College Education System

(B) Negative impact of College Education System

(C) Negligence of Stress Management by parents

(D) Unemployment and Mental Instability

With reference to the above paragraph, which of the following offers the most plausible solutions as a coping up mechanism for college students?

(A) It’s really helpful for students to reach out to counselors when they’re feeling stressed. Talking to someone can make a big difference.

(B) Colleges should understand that many students are going through a lot of stress. It would be great if they could make things a bit easier by reducing the workload and pressure from courses and peers.

(C) It would be awesome if colleges made counseling easily available for students dealing with stress. And it’s important for every stressed-out student to find a way to cope and feel better.

(D) Students need to figure out the difference between short-term stress and the kind that sticks around. Knowing the distinction can help them manage things better in the long run.


1. A

2. C

3. A

4. A

5. C

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