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CLAT Coaching in Patna: The CLAT, or Common Law Admission Test, is an annual law entrance examination administered by the NLU consortium. It serves as the gateway to admission in 22 National Law Universities and various other institutions. In addition to CLAT, numerous private and government institutes conduct their own entrance tests. Notably, Symbiosis Institutes consider SLAT scores, while NLU Delhi accepts AILET scores.

Different state universities also conduct State Law CET Exams. Furthermore, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) administers LSAT, which is recognized by many prestigious law schools. It’s worth noting that the syllabus for all these exams bears significant similarities. Given its wide acceptance by top law colleges and universities, the CLAT score holds immense importance in the realm of law entrance exams.

Best Online CLAT Coaching in Patna

CLAT coaching has become an essential need in today’s competitive landscape. With the rising difficulty level of the exam, students increasingly opt for coaching to ensure better preparation. In Patna, there is a plethora of CLAT coaching institutes to choose from. To identify the best among them, several key factors come into play. Foremost among these are an exceptional faculty and up-to-date study materials. Additionally, institutes offering career guidance and personality development workshops prove highly advantageous. The batch size is another crucial consideration when selecting a coaching institute for law preparation. Lastly, it’s vital to ascertain if the institute provides online coaching, given the current demand for this mode of instruction.

Top CLAT Coaching

Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is a hub for top-tier professional and academic educational institutions. Students from across the state flock here to pursue their education and seek enrollment in the finest law coaching institutes. The city boasts Chanakya National Law University along with several other esteemed law institutions.

1. CLAT Next

CLAT Next has been a pioneer in online coaching and is considered the best to date. It provides coaching for various entrances. In the law domain, it coaches for almost all tests like CLAT, LSAT, AILET, etc. The institute employs teachers and mentors from top-notch colleges and universities. It has successfully trained more than 2,00,000 students and help them achieve their aim and succeed in their chosen career paths. You can find plenty of articles on law and other topics on their website.

The study material fully equips students with theoretical and practical aspects of the competitive exam. It includes academic courses on all topics ranging from English to mathematics to GK and so on. A lot of practice questions are given from time to time. The fee amount for the online course is quite reasonable. It is one of the top CLAT coaching Institutes and students enroll for online coaching for law exams.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-79918 61111


2. CLAT Gurukul

CLAT Gurukul has consistently maintained a remarkable success rate over the years. The institute places special emphasis on enhancing both speed and accuracy in test-taking. Their faculty members are highly qualified with extensive experience in the test-preparation industry. CLAT Gurukul offers classes in both online and offline formats to cater to diverse student preferences. To assess student performance, a range of mock tests is provided, and the online mock tests are particularly valuable for acquainting students with the technical aspects. Class discussions are an integral component of the curriculum. As the top-ranked CLAT coaching institute in Patna, CLAT Gurukul is committed to producing a significant number of CLAT and AILET toppers.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-8294394519


3. CLAT Path

CLAT Path has firmly established itself as a leading coaching institute. It stands as the top choice for students nationwide. The institute offers a versatile learning experience, encompassing both online and classroom coaching options. Notably, video lectures are accessible on the student portal, ensuring round-the-clock availability. The faculty employs innovative teaching methods to deliver top-quality education. For non-resident students, hostel facilities are available, and there is also a well-equipped library offering a wealth of study materials covering a wide range of topics.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-9835244404, 9204444404


4. CLAT Focus Tutorials

CLAT Focus, Patna, was founded by Mr. Neeraj Kumar, a proud alumnus of CNLU, laying a strong foundation for the institute. Over the years, it has achieved remarkable success, producing numerous CLAT toppers and excelling in the realm of virtual classes. Regarded as one of the premier CLAT coaching institutes in Patna, CLAT Focus is committed to transforming dreams into reality through unwavering dedication. It provides high-quality education at an affordable fee structure. The institute also conducts a campaign to assess students’ reasoning abilities, offering them free CLAT forms and various other benefits based on their performance. Notably, the teaching staff at CLAT Focus is exceptionally qualified and dedicated.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-9661117063, 6202258736


Legal Light stands as an exemplary coaching institute in the city, driven by a team of accomplished graduates from CNLU, NLU Delhi, NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, and NUJS Kolkata. What sets it apart is its distinctive approach to CLAT exam preparation, distinguishing it from other centers. LegalLight is fully equipped with all the essential resources to initiate and enhance your CLAT readiness. Additionally, the institute offers personalized tutoring and valuable career guidance for those who require it. With an economical course fee, LegalLight is dedicated to supporting students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide CLAT aspirants with comprehensive study materials and regular practice questions covering a wide array of topics.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-9006243912


6. Law Prep Tutorial

Since its establishment in 2001, Law Prep has risen to prominence as one of Patna’s premier law coaching centers. Under its expert guidance, over 4000 students have successfully secured admission to NLUs to date. In 2019, Law Prep achieved a remarkable milestone by being the first institute ever to produce AIR 1 rank holders in both CLAT and AILET. The teaching standards set by the institute are unparalleled, with faculty members who are graduates of prestigious law and business schools. The course materials are not only up-to-date but also meticulously crafted to facilitate students in gaining the maximum benefits from their preparation.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-9304400611, 9304333536



CCC stands as the preferred choice for numerous law aspirants, drawing students from various backgrounds. Its faculty comprises the finest graduates from NLUs, ensuring top-tier guidance. Since its inception in 2010, CCC has consistently produced CLAT and BLAT toppers, with many students securing admissions in prestigious law schools. Remarkably, it is the sole institute in Bihar to have nurtured approximately five students into AILET achievers. The meticulously designed course curriculum is a product of subject experts and qualified lawyers, offering a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals while honing speed and accuracy through rigorous practice papers. CCC goes the extra mile by arranging online counseling sessions, solidifying its position as one of the top CLAT coaching institutes in Patna.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91-9471055055, 9570417710


8. CLAT Possible

CLAT Possible has established a remarkable reputation by nurturing numerous CLAT toppers, setting a new standard of excellence. At this institute, students can anticipate the guidance of exceptionally skilled mentors and teachers. They provide the flexibility of both online and classroom coaching, catering to diverse preferences. CLAT Possible is a preferred choice for many students seeking to elevate their CLAT performance. Their study materials are comprehensive, offering a thorough exploration of the exam intricacies. For detailed information regarding the fee structure and more, you can visit their website.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91- 9693225145


9. Career Launcher

CL is one of the best coaching centers for competitive exam preparation in Patna. It has had a consistent record of students securing seats in NALSAR Hyderabad, NLSIU Bangalore, NUJS Kolkata, NLU Delhi, and other prestigious law schools in the country. The LST program of Career Launcher is available in more than 100 cities and had gathered immense appreciation from students all over the country. Having trained 10,000+ students on an annual basis, it is also the most experienced test-prep institute in the city. Extensive training programs and one-to-one doubt sessions are part of the law curriculum.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91- 9693201251


Benefits of Online Coaching

  • It is more efficient than traditional classroom coaching as one can learn as per his/her schedule.
  • Online classes are usually cheaper than the usual classroom classes.
  • It leaves more time for student-teacher interaction. Thus, concepts can be understood in a better way.
  • Studying through online mode allows networking opportunities. Students become well-equipped with the technicalities of an online exam.
  • With practicing mock tests online, students are better equipped to manage competitive exams held online such as  CLAT, SLAT, LSAT etc. Moreover, time management is crucial for best results in the final exam.
  • To appear for online competitive exams, students have to be well- prepared and should have a strategy in place. Online coaching for law entrance exams provides the right platform to support the student in their  preparation journey.


Coaching plays a huge role in your overall achievement in the exam. It keeps you motivated and well-organized while helping you with the best exam-taking strategies.

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