Law as a career option in India

Law is a system of rules and regulations established by a governing authority to maintain order, protect rights, and provide a framework for resolving disputes in society. It encompasses various branches, including criminal, civil, and constitutional law, among others. The purpose of law is to ensure justice, fairness, and equal treatment for all individuals, and it governs interactions between individuals, organizations, and the government. Adherence to the law is essential for upholding social harmony and fostering a stable and just society.

Law Best Career Options after class XII

‘Law’ has emerged as one of the Best career options after class XII, considering many opportunities that it offers. The emergence of the National Law Schools, their world-class education and their national and international campus placements each year, bears a testimony to this fact. A graduation in law is much beyond being an advocate at a court of law. Going beyond the courtrooms, now the Law School graduates pursue very exciting career opportunities offered by

  • Indian and International Law Firms
  • Consulting and Advisory Companies
  • MNCs and Corporate Legal Departments
  • Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs), etc.

In the Government sector, various rewarding options such as the Civil Services, or the Legal Departments are indeed attractive. By clearing the Public Service Commissions exams, a law graduate could become a judge as well. The more academically oriented National Law School Graduates have joined the world’s best Universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and Yale too for higher education.

Exciting Career options for a law graduate –

  • Civil Litigation Lawyer: Specializes in civil laws such as taxation laws, excise laws.
  • Criminal Lawyer: Specialises in criminal laws such as IPC, Evidence Act and other penal laws.
  • Government Lawyer: Works for the government and in close coordination with the law enforcement.
  • Legal Advisor: Offers consultancy to corporate firms, with regards to the legal obligations, duties, legal relations with other firms.
  • Legal Analyst: Analyses laws pertaining to the sphere of the company and its operation.
  • Legal Journalist: Covers crime news, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts and international courts.

What does Law as a career option after 10+2 mean?

Law is a 5-Year Integrated Programme offering degrees such as BA LLB, BBA LLB, BSc. LLB, B.Com. LLB with specializion in Civil Law, Tax Laws, Patent Laws, Criminal Laws, International Laws, Labour Laws, Cyber law, etc.

How they pay!

Organizations Salary Band* (in INR Per month)

  • Law firms – 70,000 to 1,80,000
  • Corporate Law – 55,000 to 1,20,000
  • Litigation – Up to 80,000
  • NGOs – 40,000 to 70,000

*The figures are indicative only and based on broad trends. It may vary from institute to institute and year to year.

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