Law Training Centre in the UK Introduces Inclusive Legal Scholarship for All

Introducing the ‘Open To All Scholarship’: The UK’s Law Training Centre is dedicated to promoting accessibility in legal education. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals from diverse backgrounds, including international students, can benefit from this opportunity.

About UK’s Law Training Centre

UK’s Law Training Centre has initiated the ‘Open To All Scholarship‘. This pioneering program strives to democratize legal education, transcending financial constraints and geographical boundaries. Commencing on August 1, 2023, the scholarship welcomes global aspirants, encompassing individuals from India as well.

This scholarship envisions dismantling economic hindrances, providing an avenue for individuals from diverse societal spectra to access legal education. It envelopes a spectrum of courses, endowing grants of up to ã1,558 (Rs 164 lakhs), contingent upon the chosen program. With an uncomplicated application process and a flexible timeline, the initiative echoes the centre’s resolute inclusivity commitment.

A Global Opportunity

The introduction of the ‘Open To All Scholarship‘ marks a pivotal stride in the democratization of legal education. According to Eve Dullabh, Co-founder and Director of Education at the Law Training Centre, “Having personally experienced the invasive nature of many scholarship and bursary applications, which can be disheartening, we aimed to adopt an entirely distinct approach.”

This endeavor unlocks an avenue for global learners, including those based in India, to pursue remote legal studies and attain qualification for legal practice in the UK. This development follows the formalization of a memorandum of understanding among the Bar Council of India, The Bar Council of England and Wales, and the Law Society of England and Wales. This collaborative effort seeks to fortify cooperation and enhance legal interchange between these entities.

Scholarship Details

Courses covered by the scholarship include:

  • SQE1 Full Prep
  • SQE2 Full Prep
  • SQE2 Exemption Plus
  • SQE1 & SQE2 Just Mocks package
  • CLC Level 4 Diploma and Units
  • CLC Level 6 Diploma and Units
  • CPQ Foundation
  • CPQ Advanced
  • NALP Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma
  • NALP Level 4 Diploma
  • NALP Level 7 Diploma
  • Notarial Academic Training Course – single units only

Interested candidates can discuss specific scholarship amounts by speaking to the Student Services Team.

Eligibility Criteria

Our ‘Open To All Scholarship‘ is designed with the objective of providing extensive support to a wide array of learners. Consequently, it upholds a non-intrusive and uncomplicated approach devoid of unnecessary eligibility criteria.

This scholarship is accessible to individuals whose pursuit of their desired course would be hindered without the financial aid bestowed by the scholarship. It should be noted that the ‘Open To All Scholarship‘ exclusively caters to self-financed learners and is not applicable to those sponsored by their employers.

During the application process, Law Training Centre does not mandate submission of documentation. However, there is a possibility of such a request at a later stage. In the event that any provided information is subsequently found to be inaccurate, all funds granted through the ‘Open To All Scholarship’ will be revoked and must be reimbursed to Law Training Centre.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply for the scholarship through the official website of the UK’s Law Training Centre.

Assessment Procedure

All applications are reviewed and considered by the Law Training Centre Scholarships Team to initially confirm eligibility. You will be informed of a decision quickly and, if successful, the discounted fees will be presented to you on your invoice.

Finalising Scholarship

Candidates will be required to make an initial payment within seven days of being offered the Open To All Scholarship in order to secure their grant. Failure to make such an initial payment within 7 days could result in the scholarship offer being withdrawn.

Candidates can select to pay the remaining balance for their course either in full, or via interest-free instalments (subject to an admin fee). Learners can also make use of professional qualifications loans through Lendwise. 

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