GK/Current Affairs: Preparation Tips for General Affairs Section of AILET 2024

GK/Current Affairs: Here are some important preparation tips for the General Affairs section of AILET 2024. Candidates can also find the exam pattern and the syllabus for AILET 2024.

Tips for GK/Current Affairs

One of the most important sections of the AILET 2024 is the General Affairs section. It has a weightage of 35 marks just like logical reasoning and legal aptitude. The section comprises 35 questions and candidates who want to score well in AILET 2024, need to answer this section very carefully. The exam pattern of AILET is prepared in such a way that each question carries 1 mark and for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.

As the exam carries negative marking, we will advise the students to attempt the questions only if they are sure of the answers otherwise they will get less score in the overall marks.

The General Knowledge section of AILET primarily consists of current affairs. Candidates who have a habit of reading newspapers might find the section easy to try and very straightforward. If aced, the General Affairs section can help the candidates with a great score on the final exam result. To score well in the GK section important planning is required. Also, a candidate needs to know the AILET exam pattern and the weightage of all five sections in AILET 2024 to prepare accordingly. Provide below is the section-wise AILET 2023 marks weightage.

Exam Pattern of AILET

Mentioned below is the exam pattern in vivid form. Go through the table to find out the weightage that each section withholds.

Mathematics10 marks
Verbal Ability35 marks
General Awareness35 marks
Logical Reasoning35 marks
Legal Aptitude35 marks

Students will be provided with 90 minutes and the total marks they can score is 150. For each wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted. As shown above, general awareness has a weightage of 35 marks. It consists of current affairs and static affairs.

Candidates need to be clear about the syllabus of General Affairs AILET 2024 before designing a preparation chart for the same. Mentioned below are all the topics that are under the section and needs to be covered.

AILET Syllabus for General Affairs Section

The General Affairs section of AILET 2024 is prepared to test the general awareness of the candidates in various fields such as geography, history, politics, environmental science and so on. The syllabus of the General Affairs section include:

  • Static GK
  • Current Affairs
  • Economy, Science
  • History
  • International events
  • Major developments in the areas of sports, geopolitics and important environmental agreements
  • UN bodies
  • Current affairs
  • Sports
  • Awards and honours
  • Eminent personalities

Important Topics for General Affairs Section AILET 2024

Candidates should be aware of the important topics before strategizing and acting on the actual AILET preparation plan. Preparing without consulting the syllabus can lead to certain topics being left behind which might create hindrance during the exam day.

Least amount of time is required for the GK section because either the students are aware of the answers or they are not. There is no middle ground. Aspirants should try to cover all the topics mentioned on the syllabus and manage the preparation time accordingly. Given underneath are the important topics that need to be covered and that can fetch you good marks.

  • International and National Events
  • Current Affairs
  • Highlights in major areas like sports, politics, geopolitics, and the environment
  • Eminent Personalities
  • UN Bodies
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Sports
  • Historical Events
  • Economy
  • General Science

The General Awareness section is very vast. On covering the aforementioned topics, the candidate will be able to cover the maximum portion and will manage to get through the section.

Preparation Tips for General Affairs Section of AILET 2024

The general awareness section of AILET is not a piece of cake. It requires an immense amount of knowledge of current affairs and historical events to do well in the GK of AILET 2024. Most of the candidates carry a rough and casual approach towards this section which takes a toll on the final score. Below mentioned are the preparation tips that can guide the aspirants and provide them with the right direction towards scoring good marks.

  • Make a plan– Chalking out a plan is very crucial. Before acting on any rough idea, it is important to jot down the plan in front of you. Having a defined plan of action makes the implementation easy. Candidates need to allot time to each of the five sections of AILET 2024. On deciding the timeline for the general affairs section, the candidate should recognise his weakness and strength. He/she should devote the time to each General Knowledge topic as per the personal competency.
  • Pick up the correct study material– The correct study material can decide the fate of the student. It is very vital to do the research and find out what are all the best books for AILET. Aspirants can refer to Pratiyogita Darpan and Manorama Yearbook by Mammen Mathew to prepare for General Affairs. It is also necessary to go through the newspapers like The Hindu and reliable online portals like GK Today, Cloud Affairs and TCY because they consist of rich information that is often asked in the AILET exam.
  • Wise Distribution– It is not mandatory to go through the entire study material. The student must figure out the manner of the frequently asked question in the previous year’s question papers and must circle out the important areas to cover based on that. For instance, if time is an issue, the student can skip on to the editorial and national pages of the newspapers and can leave out the rest as per the priority status. He can also adopt the method of skimming. Instead of going through everything deeply, he can eliminate irrelevant or unnecessary information as per the requirement.
  • Previous Year Question Papers/Mock Test– Practising from the previous years’ question papers of AILET can help a candidate in understanding the type of questions better. Also, appearing for mock tests not only helps in increasing the speed during the exam but it also provides a glance at the possible questions. By referring to the previous year’s question papers and mock tests, a candidate becomes familiar with the exam pattern which might help him/her during the actual exam.
  • Regular Study– To stay abreast with the current affairs the candidates cannot afford to miss regular updates and rigorous practice. General Affairs does not test your current knowledge only, it also checks your static knowledge. To stay updated with important events an aspirant needs to be well equipped with history, geography, economics and civics as well. Questions can be asked on these topics as well. Regular study of national-level publications like Arihant and Pearson can do the trick. These books can make the base of the candidate strong and can provide them with relevant information.
  • Manage time-Time is always an issue during exam preparation. Candidates often struggle with time deficiency which either results in underperformance or confusion. A timetable can provide a concrete plan to the candidate. It can not only manage the time of aspirants well but following it leaves them with lots of time for revision as well.

AILET 2024 Important Details

Captured here are all the important details for the AILET 2023 exam. Candidates can take a look here before going forth with the preparation of the same.

Highlights of the ExamDetails of the Exam
Name of the ExamAll India Law Entrance Test (AILET)
Conducting Body of the ExamNLU, Delhi (National Law University, Delhi)
LevelUG and PG
Frequency of ExamOnce a year
Mode of ExamOffline
Duration of Exam90 minutes
Language of ExamEnglish

Proper preparation and sufficient practice can never lead you to the wrong path for the AILET preparation approach. Candidates need to stay relaxed and confident before appearing for the exam. Believing in one’s own potential can do the trick. AILET 2024 is not an easy examination but with proper time management and apt practice, no exam is too difficult.

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