Strategies for AILET 2024 Preparation

National Law University (NLU), Delhi, conducts the AILET examination annually. Effective preparation for AILET 2024 requires careful attention, a well-structured strategy, and a focus on making concise notes, thorough revisions, and mastering the key concepts of the subjects. To optimize AILET 2024 preparation, candidates should diligently cover the entire syllabus and engage in rigorous mock test practice.

Strategies for AILET 2024

AILET, known for its challenging nature, requires students to understand that consistency is the key to success in AILET 2024. A highly effective preparation strategy involves regularly taking mock tests to pinpoint weaknesses and allocating focused efforts to improve those areas.

AILET Exam Structure 2024

The AILET 2024 exam pattern outlines the subjects and crucial topics to cover in order to prepare for the examination. If you want to get the best preparation tips for AILET 2024, familiarize yourself with the exam details. The structure of the AILET 2024 exam is shown in the table mentioned below.

Total no. of questions150
Negative markingYes (0.25 for each wrong answer)
Duration90 minutes
SubjectsEnglish, Mathematics, General knowledge, Legal aptitude, and reasoning

Study Plan

  • Making a study plan is very important for AILET 2024 preparation. It will help the candidates complete their preparation in a time-bound manner.
  • When making a study schedule, keep in mind that you should schedule some time for physical activity to keep you healthy.
  • Maintaining your physical and emotional health is essential to your preparation plan for AILET 2024.
  • Include adequate time in your study schedule to go through previous years’ test papers, at least once study the complete curriculum, sample test papers, and discussions with peers and teachers.
  • All of this adds up to the best preparation strategy for AILET 2024.

Preparation Tips

Here are some helpful points to get an idea of how to prepare for AILET 2024:

  • Revision is essential for AILET 2024 preparation in order to increase your chances of being selected.
  • Making handwritten notes for revision is a great preparation strategy for AILET 2024.
  • Read good magazines if you want to improve your general knowledge.
  • Solve as many test papers and mock tests as possible while keeping track of your time. This shows you how to effectively manage your time during an exam.
  • Determine which sections are weak and which are strong, and prioritise accordingly.
  • During the AILET 2024 preparation process and the AILET exam, try to focus on your stronger areas. However, do not skip over the weak areas.
  • Always remember to look after your emotional and physical well-being. Never put too much pressure on yourself to finish a topic. Taking proper care of your body and mind will help you get great exam outcomes.
  • Adhere to your schedule. If you’re having trouble staying motivated to study, look for another source of inspiration or talk to your friends and family.
  • Start studying for the AILET 2024 exam about seven to eight months before the exam date. This will assist you in developing your notions and ensuring that you have ample time for review.
  • Refer to the most up-to-date study materials when it comes to the preparation plan for AILET 2024. Finding the correct books based on your preferences is essential.

Subject-Wise Tips


You’ll need to be fluent in English to ace the AILET 2024 exam and understand your law syllabus. Candidates need to practice a variety of questions while also learning about the fundamentals of grammar. Make sure to include a lot of reading in your study schedule. Newspapers, periodicals, and journals can all be used as reading material. The more you read, the better your language will become.


Aspirants should study their NCERT or State board mathematics textbooks completely and concentrate on specific themes such as basic arithmetic, percentages, simple and compound interest, probability, ratio and proportion, and time-speed-distance. Candidates should practise question papers in addition to reviewing textbooks to further strengthen their understanding.

Candidates should understand legal topics such as constitutional law, polity as well as the judiciary. To prepare for this section students should do some research on contemporary legal issues and international importance. Individuals should read as many law books as they can and understand as many legal words as they can. The Indian Constitution, Indian Penal Code, Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning, Legal Glossary, and Legal Words You Should Know are among recommended reading materials for AILET 2024.

General knowledge

This part is separated into two categories: current events and static knowledge. Candidates should begin by reading newspapers (such as The Hindu) on a regular basis and studying books from the recommended section.

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