Preparation Tips for English Section of AILET 2024

Preparation Tips: Are you taking the AILET exam? Don’t underestimate the importance of the English section. Boost your vocabulary and reading speed to score well. Every second counts, so be ready to outrun your competitors. This blog will explore some fun and exciting tips to help you prepare for this section and ace the AILET exam. Let’s get started!

English section in AILET 2024

The English section in AILET 2024 evaluates the Grammatical, Vocabulary and Comprehension skills of law aspirants. Candidates will have to understand that just like other sections of general affairs, legal aptitude, mathematics, and logical reasoning, the English section of AILET also holds much importance. Out of the total 150 questions asked in the exam, 35 are from the English section.
Before appearing for AILET 2024, a candidate needs to comprehend the basis on which they are evaluated. They are also required to know the syllabus to prepare thoroughly for the same. The National Law University (NLU) Delhi, conducts AILET each year for admissions to the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in law exclusively at NLU Delhi. Around 16,000 students appear for AILET each year for very few seats.
Candidates often tend to take the English section lightly considering that it doesn’t require much practice. However, this is just a myth which at the end can prove to be very costly. In order to prepare for the same, first and foremost an aspirant is required to scrutinize the entire syllabus of AILET and all the topics that need to be covered. Discussed below are the important topics that need to be exercised in order to do well in AILET 2024.

Important topics for the English Section of AILET 2024

The English section in the AILET 2024 tests the aptitude and capability of an aspirant. Given here are the topics that require major attention and need to be covered before the exam.

  • English Vocabulary– Candidates are examined on their vocabulary skills and the questions are generally based on topics like Synonyms, Antonyms, Word definitions, Analogies, and Homonyms.
  • Proficiency in English-AILET tests the candidate’s proficiency in the English language. Questions based on one-word substitution, sentence improvement, sentence rearrangement, fill-ups with suitable words, conditionals, pronouns, nouns, conjunction, articles, determinants, adjective, subject-verb agreement.
  • English Usage Errors-Grammatical knowledge of the candidate and errors are tested in this section. Tense, speech errors, preposition usage, spotting errors, voice, correct spellings, and inappropriate usage of words are framed as questions.
  • English Comprehension- Various questions are put up on the basis of the passage provided. Candidates are advised to read the questions before going through the passage because it will help them in pointing out the answers without wasting much time.

Area-Wise Preparation Tips for English Section of AILET 2024

Covering the aforementioned topics is just the first step in preparation for AILET 2024. An aspirant needs to plan and strategize each area precisely to score well in the English questions. Here are some tips area wise that will smoothen up the preparation process.

  • Vocabulary– Vocabulary is a remarkable section and plenty of questions are aimed at testing a candidate’s vocabulary. Inculcating a habit of reading not only helps in brushing up the knowledge but it also helps in discovering new words that might come in handy during the exam. A candidate should practice lots of vocabulary questions because that helps in keeping up with the new words. Also, techniques like word lists, association methods, and roots help in improving the vocabulary and can definitely be used to remember words.
  • Proficiency in English– A candidate is required to be proficient in English and it is one of the major parameters on which the knowledge is measured. A student can refer to books like High School English Grammar and Composition Key by Wren and Martin and Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis to increase proficiency in the English language. By practising the questions of the topics mentioned earlier a candidate can do fairly well in this section. It requires proper knowledge of rules and practice to crack the questions in this area.
  • English Usage Errors– A candidate can be grammatically sound only through both, written and verbal practice of the language. Sentence correction and error detection are not difficult to do if the grammatical knowledge of the aspirant is up to the mark. To brush up on grammatical knowledge it is essential to be well-read with the rules of grammar and to use them practically. English usage errors constitute questions based on the errors and they are frequently asked in the examination. Students are required to refer to the basic books of grammar to do well in this section.
  • English Comprehension– English comprehension has a passage that can be really long at times. It can take up a lot of time and effort of a student which might hamper the performance of the student. The passage is generally on legal and law matters. This area requires speed and accuracy at the same time. The passage is mostly lengthy and it can be time-consuming to give the entire passage a read. In order to score well in the English comprehension section, the law aspirant needs to practice plenty of passages.

Reading complex English newspapers like Indian Express and The Hindu can do the trick. Not only will it improve the scanning skills of the student but it can also provide them with the speed they require to finish the paper on time. It is always wise to go through the questions before going through the passage because this way the answers to the questions will become clear the moment you will read the passage and you will not have to go through the same thing twice.

In order to ace all the sections, practice is the foremost requirement. Only regular practice of the questions can increase the speed and improve the performance of the applicant.

Top 5 Preparation Tips for English Section AILET 2024

Relying on intuition and going forward with the prerequisite knowledge is an incorrect approach for AILET 2024 examination. AILET Vocabulary questions are far more complex than CLAT Vocabulary questions.

It demands more practice and more hard work. Here are the top 5 preparation tips that can help to pass the AILET 2024 English section.

  • Picking out the correct books to read and practice from is the first step a candidate is required to take. Referring to books like A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal and High School English Grammar and Composition Key by Wren and Martin can prove to be very beneficial. Find out more about the best books for AILET 2024 preparation.
  • 35 questions out of 110 are strictly English based questions. Every question has to be solved in 36 seconds or less in order to complete the entire exam on time. It is necessary to manage the time accordingly and to chalk out a plan which can help in managing time during the examination. There is no time to read the questions twice so the candidate should ensure that the reading is done with full focus. No amount of practice can save you if you cannot comprehend the questions correctly. Time management is very crucial. Increasing the vocabulary can help in decreasing the reading efforts which can save a lot of time.
  • Working on brushing up with grammatical rules and applications can be of great help because it is the basic requirement that decides the fate of the entire English section in AILET.
  • Cover the entire syllabus thoroughly. It is necessary to go through all the topics in the syllabus. Hard work is definitely required but smart work is required as well. The candidate needs to notice the question pattern and recognize the frequently repeating questions. Practising the frequently appearing of questions more can give an upper hand in the English section of AILET 2024.
  • Practice is always the key to success. Solving as many previous year AILET question papers as possible is crucial. Practising with different questions and exercises can help in understanding the question and clearing the concept in a better way.

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